Business Magazine Example Content


There are, by most standard estimates, five major players in the financial publication sector with both national and international coverage reach and influence.

These players are, in no order, Businessweek by Bloombergs, Fortune by Time, Forbes, the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journals.

These five publications are notable for more than their in-depth coverage, analysis and opinion. They are legitimate journalistic outlets and news sources, as exemplified by these sample links:

The Wall Street Journals on chemotherapy’s efficacy against cancer.

The Financial Times on consolidation of the Canadian cannabis industry:

Fortune on Macy’s focus on the beauty market: See this article with Barry Beck

Businessweek on malfeasance by a major auto manufacturer.

Forbes on flesh-eating bacteria: 

In today’s modern globalized economy, current events and the economy are inextricably intertwined. It’s imperative that the same journalists gathering the news about our money can relate it to the news about the world.